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Guinea Pig lifespan – The fat and fluffy pet you cannot live without!

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Guinea Pigs are domestic beings. You cannot find Guinea Pigs in the wilderness. As far as their name goes, they do not have any connection to their name. Guinea pigs are not originated from Guinea; neither are they pigs. They were originated as domesticated beings in South America. How they got the name is still a mystery. But they are one of the cutest domestic pets you can ever have. Guinea Pig lifespan is not the most satisfying number, but considering its size and nature, that is how long they can live.

The lifespan of a Guinea Pig

There are several species in Guinea Pigs. The most common and general one lives between 4 to 8 years. The life expectancy of these cute creatures depends mostly on their parents. If the parents lived a long life, their cubs tend to live longer too. Lifespan also depends on the kind of breed. Genes play a huge role in deciding their lifespan. Guinea Pig lifespan usually does not exceed more than 8.5 years because that is considered a very ripen age for them. Twelve human years are considered to be one Guinea Pig years.

Guinea Pig and its life Cycle

Guinea pigs are mammals. After being born, they feed on their mother’s milk. This feeding can go up to 7 weeks. Sometimes the mother (sow) begins to introduce solid food when they are much younger than seven weeks. Female Guinea Pigs (sows) reach full maturity sexually when they are between 4 to 6 weeks. Males reach the reproductive stage by eight weeks. Some can reach this stage earlier, depending on the genes. However, the recommended age for sows to reproduce is after they are six months. When they complete 14 months, they are considered as fully-grown adults. After this age, living a longer life depends on their genes and food.

How can a Guinea Pig live longer?

If you give your pet enough water, hay, and fresh vegetables, they can have a healthy life and live longer. Since they are domestic pets, they need to have space in the house to run around and play. In this way, they get regular exercise to keep them fit. Do not make their cage too small. They are intelligent and smart. They spend most of time in their cages and need to have enough space to experience new things. Guinea Pigs who have affectionate companions tend to have a longer life. They are loveable pets and need to be loved.

Guinea Pig lifespan – You can help them live longer!

Even though Guinea pig lifespan can be limited to a very short time, you can extend the number of years they live by providing the right environment. Their genes indeed affect their lifespan a lot. But their food and atmosphere can also increase or decrease the number of years they live. When you decide to get a Guinea Pig, keep these facts in your mind because they can come in handy when you want your pet to live longer.

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