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Low Maintenance Pets: The easiest way to keep a pet

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We all have hectic work schedules. But for many of us, our days end up feeling lonely and bored. Pets are a great way to keep the company. They give you a sense of attachment and friendship. Even though they are not human, a lot of animals that are kept as pets tend to behave very friendly among humans. Some pets require very high maintenance. They take more than half of your monthly income. For people who do not have a lot of time to maintain an expensive pet, can choose a pet that requires deficient maintenance. If you visit a pet shop, you can find many low maintenance pets on sale.

Why choose low maintenance pets?

Often, we think twice about getting a pet because they might change your lifestyle. Sometimes, one person might want to adopt a pet, and the others in the house might disagree because of maintenance issues. The best thing about low maintenance pets is, they usually are not very big. They also do not change your schedule because they hardly need to be looked after. 

Maintaining a pet is not a one-time job. It is an ongoing responsibility that might put you in difficult times when you are too busy. High maintenance pets also need to get sick and lazy when they are not appropriately maintained. They are also very expensive to buy.

Providing a home to a pet can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, especially to children and older adults. But they both are not in a position to take care of a high maintenance pet. Therefore, you must give them a pet they can look after.

Examples of low maintenance pets

Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are the best examples of low maintenance pets. They are small in size, and anyone can handle a Guinea Pig. They are cute and chatty, which makes them exciting companions. They are also very active beings. They do not require high-class, expensive animal food. Hay, grass, or vegetables would do the job.


Hamsters are small in size and ideal for children. They can be looked after very quickly because they only need clean water to drink and a clean cage to live in. If you give them food that is nutritious and tasty, they are good to go. They rest during day time, and it has to be uninterrupted for them to stay healthy. That is not expensive! Anyone can have a Hamster.


Goldfish is the most common household, low maintenance pet in the USA. The reason for that is low maintenance. Goldfish require almost zero maintenance. If you have a clean tank with proper temperature, it is enough for the Goldfish to live even up to a decade.


Talk about cuteness! Rabbits are cute pets that anyone falls in love with. They are popular household pets in any country, given the overloaded cuteness. Rabbits are suitable for children. But you must provide Rabbits the opportunity to display their natural elements such as hopping and playing. They should have an area to stretch, hop, and play. Hay and grass would do fine for their diet apart from vegetables that you bring in to the house. This is called low maintenance!


It is said that Tortoise lives up to 100 years. You can have a Tortoise for yourself and your future generations! How cool! They are very low in maintenance and very easy to look after. They have a fascinating behavior, and you will love it as your pet.


Chicken may seem a bit unusual to be kept as a pet. But they are becoming prevalent among homes with yards. They come under low maintenance pets, and they can survive with only one feed a day. An adequately fenced or closed yard is more than enough for more than one to have a good time.

Adopting low maintenance pets

If you don’t want a long-term commitment or spend too much money on buying a pet, you can always opt for adopting a pet. If you are an animal lover, you will not think twice about adopting one of these low maintenance pets. They are very good with humans, and they give a great company. You must understand their behavior and nature.

Conclusion: Low maintenance pets are not a burden

Don’t hesitate to get a pet that is of low maintenance. They will not affect your daily living and will not disturb your day. They usually take tiny space to live, and they hardly need maintenance. Low maintenance pets are a great way to have a companion.

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