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Pet frogs as companion animals for those who look for a different experience!

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The frogs or scientifically Pyxicephalus adspersus can give a sickening feeling to someone. But many people all over the world like to keep the frogs in their bedroom. Taking care of pet frogs is not a very difficult task. All you have to do is to notice some things that would keep the safety of your pet. 

It is pretty different keeping pet frogs! 

Before you go to a selection, you must understand that this one is a frog and not a dog. It does not stay in a proper place. Not only that, but also it just does not want to wait calmly and see. Therefore its cage must be very secure. It must be large enough, must have a good air- transferring system, and have to be familiar with where it lives. Then the pet won’t feel uncomfortable and will live with you happily.

The next thing you have to know is that not like most of the other pets, this one lives long. It will be about four to fifteen years if you can take good care of the frog. The advantage is that you will not have to bury the bodies and get practiced to a new pet for several times. 

Also, you do not have to protect this pet very much than the others. They grow up. But you have to remember that the small one you see when you buy a frog does not remain for long. Some grow bigger. Sometimes your choice may be a tiny little pet, but when it becomes unexpectedly, you will get disappointed.

There are small types too. You have to search for it, or you can ask about it from the seller before buying. The small ones have recognized to be more active than the bigger ones. Therefore if you need a tiny pet, but an active one, you have to select the small class. Otherwise, it will be an annoying process.

You have to think more before buying a frog. If you have a schedule of traveling much and you won’t stay very much at home, we advise, not to go for a frog. Someone always has to take care of your pet, and we are afraid that it will be difficult for you to find a keeper. No-one wants to keep a frog for at least a day.

What do they eat?

Unlike any other predatory animals, the frogs prefer living insects. They love to eat grasshoppers, spiders, crickets, caterpillars, cockroaches, worms, butterflies, and moths too. But the dead prays won’t cheer them.

You will notice that not only the insects but also some rats too can take as foods. But it works for bigger frogs only. Usually, the frogs swallow their prey, and a small one cannot deal with a mouse.

Also, remember not to take the pet out of the cage whenever you feed him. Do not cuddle it every time because the pets have susceptible skin. It can be damaged easily.

A list of pet frogs at a glance

l African Dwarf Frog

l Red-belly Toads or Bumblebees

l Pacman Frogs

l American Toads

l Gray Tree Frogs

l Green tree frog

l White’s tree frog

l Pixie Frog

l Tomato Frog

l White’s Tree Frog

l Fire-bellied Toad

l Dart frog

l Red-eyed tree frog

It is not very difficult to take care of the following species. But the frogs below are a bit tough.

l Poison-dart Frog

l Vietnamese Mossy Frogs

l Horned frog

l Bullfrog

l African bullfrog

The common diseases among pet frogs

Though the frogs are adorable as pets, you have to be careful when you buy one. All the pets have to undergo through the reproduction. You cannot just go out and pick a wild one as a pet. They do not behave well, and it is impossible. But you will find many frog breeders all over the world.

How much you were attentive about your pet, it can quickly get sick. Most of the times; the question stays with lousy breeding. Therefore you have to search for more and try to go to the best breeding pets. 

There is an illness called zoonosis-disease. The frog can transfer the disease into you too. Therefore it is better to take your frog to a Vet before everything.

Try pet frogs and get a jumping experience.

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