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Pet Owl: The carnivorous night-bird in the house!

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 Humans have always been in contact with animals. It does not matter which kind, people still tend to have a company with animals. They use animals for their chores, eat, or keep as pets. When we talk about pets, there can be many choices. Some people have pets that are very unlikely to society’s standards of ‘pets.’ We are now talking about Pet Owl, which is now becoming a household pet in many places.

There are many varieties of owls. Owls, in general, are not considered as pets due to many reasons. They don’t like being petted that much, and they are also high maintenance pets. They can’t be fed anything and everything. So, owls are not just small pets that can be kept in every household. There are over 200 species of owls recorded in the world. All varieties are scattered around the world except Antarctica. We need to look at what their characteristics are if a pet owl is going to be part of your life. 

Appearance and characteristics of pet Owl

Owls are carnivorous animals as they feed on small mammals, birds, insects, and reptiles. If you are keeping a pet owl, keep in mind that you cannot go to the regular grocery store and get bird food for the owl. Owls are mostly active in the night, making them nocturnal beings. They have very sharp eyesight because they have developed the vision in the night to its optimal. Owls are not very active during the daytime, as it is their time of rest. Therefore, you cannot thoroughly entertain an owl during the daytime if you are keeping it as a pet. 

Can you keep Owls as pets?

As much as it thrills you to keep an owl as a pet after watching Harry Potter, you need to know they are wild beings. If you still want a pet owl, there are certain things that you need to pay attention to. 

  • The first thing you should have is experience. Owls are not like any other birds. They need to be handled very carefully. There is specialized training to learn how to handle a pet owl. In the US, it is prohibited for casual people to keep an owl as a pet. You can keep an owl only if you are trained and licensed. 
  • Once owls get used to a guardian, it is difficult to adapt to different caretakers. So, when you need to go on a trip or a business meeting, that might not be the most comfortable moment. 
  • Owls are wild creatures that need to have their freedom to fly every day. Keeping them caged is not the ideal thing to do with your pet owl
  • You have to feed the owl with different animals as it is a carnivorous being. You will need to buy extra meat, meat that it eats. (Talk about high maintenance!)
  • Owls are awake at night. During their mating season, you will have to stay awake with them. 

Conclusion: Pet owl and human life 

If you consider all the pros and cons, it is unlikely that you should keep an owl as a pet. But if you are persistent about keeping an owl as a pet, make sure you adhere to the necessary training and experience. Without that, it is impossible to keep that bird in your house. Always make sure to feed it what it needs and be careful during the mating season. They call out every minute during the mating season, which will not allow you to sleep. If you are up for this, get your pet owl after getting your training and knowledge. 

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