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What do Toads eat? – The amphibian frog-like creature’s life

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There are many species of Toads available. Toads are amphibians because they are born in water, but they prefer dry land later. Some people adopt toads as pets. Since they are not the ‘usual’ kind of pets we adopt, there are specific questions we all ask. “What do toads eat?” is one of the things you will have to know for sure if you are considering it as a pet. It is vital to know that different toads eat different things, depending on where they live. They generally eat live insects, worms, and spiders. But the kind of insect they eat depends on where they live, and what food is available for them.

Toads are related to frogs, and they look a lot like frogs. A lot of us cannot identify the difference between a frog and a toad. That is mainly because of their heads, legs, and skin. Toads, too, have very leather-like skin. Toads swallow their prey/ food whole because they do not have teeth in their lower jaw to bite.

What do Toads eat? – Baby Toads and their food

Baby Toads find it difficult to eat even though there are many food options for them. The reason for this is, they have just surpassed the tadpole stage, and it makes them a bit difficult to identify what to eat. If you want to know what to feed a baby Toad, try giving Pinhead Crickets. They are ideal for baby and adult Toads because of their size. Look at the baby Toad’s head-size and select insects that are smaller than that.

Wild Toads and their food

When in the wilderness, it is quite impossible to choose what you want to eat. Wild Toads eat anything they can fit in their mouths. Baby wild toads normally eat ants and flies while adult wild toads eat bigger insects. Wild Toads tend to be much larger than the other ones, and these toads can even eat mice, snails, and lizards.

What do toads eat in captivity? 

Captive toads eat insects just like the wild toads. But crickets and worms are most commonly seen in captive toads’ food. Crickets are available in pet stores, and they bring up crickets just for feeding purposes for animals such as frogs, toads, snakes, lizards, and other animals. If you have a toad captive, a pet toad that you love bringing up, make sure you give it these insects. Once in a way, you can get a few insects from your garden such as earthworms, slugs, and snails, and put them among the toad’s food. Monitor them as they swallow their food. You will see that they hunt their prey just like their wild toad relatives. You must give them that experience if you are bringing up a toad as a pet.

Bottom line: What do Toads eat, and how do they eat?

Toads are predatory creatures that enjoy live prey. They eat whatever fits, especially in the wilderness. What do toads eat? They eat almost anything. Captive toads get to eat vegetables and fruits too. But it is vital that they also get the opportunity to experience live prey.  

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