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Teacup dogs – The tiny little dogs who steal our love!

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Most people love dogs. Especially the tiny kinds of dogs can attract more love than other types. Most of the women and some men, too, have a trend of searching for small dogs like teacup dogs. People think that they are cuter than others. But we must remember that all of these go with pets and not with the security dogs. 

What are these Teacup dogs?

We cannot say that the Teacup is only exact breeding. There are many kinds of these too. As examples, there are Pomeranian, Maltese, Chihuahua, and many other types of Teacups.

If we look for how these kinds divide, we can see that the dogs who weight in just two to five pounds are Teacups. Also, if the adult one lengthens only fifteen inches, they belong to this kind too. 

How to find one?

You should have to be careful and mindful if you are looking for adopting this kind. The dogs are too tiny and fragile for society. They cannot bear anything. They cannot run fast because it will cause a heart attack. They can’t jump from a medium height, because it will get injured. 

Then how can we get a dog? 

You must remember not to order one online. It can cheat you. It is better if someone can go to the breeding place, get to know about its mother and father, notice everything more, and more before he adopts this Teacup. You would better take the puppy to a veterinarian and check whether there are any health and behavior problems. 

If you are interested, you’d better know that the mother of your puppy needs to have some qualities. She must be a small kind too, but she has to be strong enough to bear a baby. If she is a Teacup also, the procedure may be complicated. A Teacup mother cannot carry a baby. It will cause her into death, or most probably, the baby will be too weak. If so, the baby dog will have so many health problems as well as operations, and he will not live long for you.

You must have worth for the money because one of these kinds can cost about three thousand dollars. Therefore think twice before you buy one. 

What are the health problems?

The usual problem of this kind is fragility. As mentioned here before, this one is OK as a pet, but you have to be very careful with it. Its body cannot bear most of the issues in the world. Also, its bones are easily unbreakable. You may notice some cracks when the puppy hits somewhere.

The second problem is that this has a less lifetime. You will notice that its parents live longer than the puppy. Most of the times, it happens because of unhealthy breeding methods. A good master knows how to keep both dogs’ happiness at the appropriate time. The feelings will inevitably affect the Teacup. 

Its sugar level is less than the others. Therefore you have to take care and notice about it. It is better to give it small meals several times than giving large meals two times a day. 

They can cause diarrhea, vomiting, or lethargy by the HGE problem.

Cannot we have a Teacup?

Yes, you can. But you must not go to this choice if there are kids in your home. Children love to play with the dog because he is so tiny like a toy. But he cannot play with them. It will make him sick, and his life will go in seconds. Also, we cannot say that every one of them will surely have all these problems, but most of them will.

Although there are many risks, a careful planner or a family can adopt this kind of a do. He is so cute and lovely, but a bit notorious. He is funny and surely will steal the love of the whole family. 


Q – They say it will cause HGE? What does this mean?

– It means Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis. You can recognize if the dog has this problem with it.

Q – Can we bring him to a picnic with us?

A – Yes, but all of you must be very careful. Do not let him run faster or walk far. He will get sick.

Q – They say that I must not adopt this one because I always get angry.

A – Yes, there is a risk. The Teacups need more attention, and if you roughly feel angry, you will quickly lose patience. The patience big issue when you decide to buy a Teacup.

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